MOT Equipment


Whether considering a standard MOT bay or a more advanced Automated Test Lane (ATL), it is going to mean a significant commitment, a lot of planning, detailed understanding of the requirements and a hefty financial outlay. We know that our Customers will not be embarking on such a project without fears and concerns because, for most businesses, it will be the first time they have been involved in such a complex activity. There also has to be a high level of trust in suppliers and other contractors that good, reliable products have been supplied and that they have been installed to the required standards. All of this means that the choice of garage equipment supplier as a partner in your project must be carefully considered.

Trade Garage Equipment comprises some of the longest standing and most respected companies in the garage equipment industry. They have pooled their knowledge and experience to provide top quality service to their customers with products carefully chosen for their quality, reliability, durability and all-round technical performance. Trade Garage Equipment members have their own sales and service teams all trained by the equipment manufacturers and all operating to the highest possible and traceable industry standards. Trade Garage Equipment spends time, effort and money to meet, and sometimes create, these standards because we take our customers seriously, value their business and would not insult them with a lesser investment in their interest. Whenever the opportunity has been provided, the Trade Garage Equipment has involved itself with the Ministry, Garage Equipment Association and its suppliers to ensure that we are at the cutting edge of MOT and ATL developments and that we are offering the very best of products and experience.