Workshop Furniture

Workshop Furniture

With the increasing popularity of customer viewing windows and ‘while-you-wait’ services, it is now more important than ever that your workshop makes a professional statement. DEA workshop furniture provides a co-ordinated solution, tailored for your needs – improving efficiency and therefore profitability for your business, whilst creating a better environment for your staff.

The system includes:

  • Tool storage cabinets

  • Top boxes

  • Under-bench tool storage cabinet

  • Integrated fluid management

  • General storage cabinets

  • Specialised base cabinets

  • Overhead wall cabinets

  • Monitor/diagnostic cabinets

  • Under-cabinet lighting

  • Special service tool cabinets

  • Workbenches and trolleys

Choose our cabinets to:

  • Improve profits and efficiency

  • Increase customer satisfaction

  • Retain and motivate valuable technicians

  • Europe’s leading workshop system

Our range of DEA cabinets and co-ordinated accessories are designed to offer complete flexibility for your perfect ‘ServieHub’ configuration. Forming the heart of the range are the fluid transfer cabinets, for handling oil, air and water cleanly and efficiently. DEA worktops are made from high-strength 20/10 sheet metal with OMEGA reinforcement bars, and are covered with scratch-proof and acid-resistant ABS.